The club was founded in 1972 and is made up of Siberian fanciers with a variety of interests in the breed: showing, racing, obedience training, and just plain loving our beautiful breed.


Select times and places for meetings are chosen the month or two before, so that as many members as possible are able to attend. Dates of regional shows, races and trials are taken into consideration. Meetings are usually held in and around the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.


Helpful programs or demonstrations of educational value are part of our meetings whenever possible. The Club puts on an annual Specialty Show in the spring, which is open to the public.


Clinics for eye exams are held annually to make it convenient and economical for members and non-members alike to have dogs eyes examined for hereditary eye disease.


The membership is open to owners and prospective owners of Siberian Huskies who agree to abide by the Club's Constitution, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics, and the rules of the American Kennel Club.


Club follows the Code of Ethics of the Siberian Husky Club of America; the National breed club. The Club is a member of the Minnesota Council of Dog Clubs.

THe Siberian Husky Club of the Twin Cities